Dallas Borough Announces

Schedule for the Curbside Pick Up

& Recycling of Christmas Trees

The Dallas Borough Road Department will commence curbside collection of Christmas trees on January 2, 2018 and continue through until January 19, 2018.

Christmas trees must have all decorations removed prior to being placed curbside.


Do NOT place trees on the roadway or in swales/ditches.

Residents are to refrain from placing their trees curbside prior to weather predictions for snow and/or freezing rain events.

Dallas Borough thanks our residents for their assistance and cooperation in the Christmas tree collection program.  Any questions or comments may be directed to the Administrative Office at 570-675-1389.

Snow and Ice Removal

Property owners/residents of Dallas Borough, please be advised of the following regulation during the upcoming winter months:

Snow and Ice Removal on Sidewalks

It shall be the duty of the owner, tenant or occupant of any lot or land or real estate in the Borough of Dallas to clear the entire width of the sidewalks contiguous thereto of all snow or ice within twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of any storm or fall of snow.

However, in the event that snow and ice on a sidewalk have become so hard that the snow and ice cannot be reasonably removed, the person or entity charged with removal shall take steps to make the sidewalk safe for travel and as soon as possible thereafter as the weather permits said sidewalk to be thoroughly cleaned.

Failure to comply may result in assessment of fines, penalties and citations.

Full copies of all Borough Ordinances are available for viewing at the administrative office.



Mayor Timothy J. Carroll and Police Chief James Drury announce there will be increased police presence and traffic enforcement of the regulatory traffic signs in the construction areas in Dallas Borough.

Motorists disregarding traffic signs put themselves, their passengers, the public and the roadway contractors at risk.

Please respect our community by obeying all regulatory traffic signs.


Back Mountain Community Partnership Dedicates New Shared Equipment Storage Garage

The Back Mountain Community Partnership, Representative Karen Boback and Tom Yoniski, and Senator Lisa Baker’s office dedicated the Back Mountain Community Partnership (BMCP) Shared Storage Garage at Lehman Township on Saturday, September 23, 2017.  The Back Mountain Community Partnership (BMCP) consists of 7 member municipalities in Luzerne County- Dallas Borough, Dallas Township, Franklin Township, Harveys Lake Borough, Jackson Township, Kingston Township and Lehman Township.  The shared storage garage was built with funds from a Local Share Account (LSA) grant and contributions from the BMCP member municipalities.  The garage will be used to store shared public works equipment that has been purchased by the BMCP.



Pictured from left: Tim Carroll, Dallas Borough; Jim Reino, Kingston Township; Liz Martin, Dallas Township; Tom Yoniski, Senator Lisa Baker’s Office; Bill Hilburt, Harveys Lake Borough; Representative Karen Boback; David Sutton, Lehman Township; Alvin Cragle, Lehman Township; Ryan Doughton, Douglas F. Trombower and Associates; Doug Ide, Lehman Township; Ray Iwanowski, Lehman Township.



Get the most up to date and accurate information from the newly posted PennDOT link for the Dallas 5 Leg Intersection Roundabout Project. Please be patient while the link downloads the file.